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I love to laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt.

I’m most at peace when I spend time alone with God.

The most tranquil get away is to relax on the deck of a boat, my eyes closed, feeling the water’s current throughout every muscle of my body.

If I were to be really dangerous, I would go surf boarding in high waves. Yikes — I can’t swim!!!  LOL

I don’t like being confined within 4 walls.  I even prefer water under my feet instead of a hard surface.

Time spent with family and friends wakes my heart up, and then to follow that time with moments of quiet reflection is like eating warm blueberry cobbler with homemade vanilla ice-cream melting on top.

Running until I’m exhausted, falling down flat on my back, face to the sky — is physically, mentally and emotionally exuberating as long as I am finding new places to run and notice something new in the sky each time.

I photograph moments of emotions, thoughts and actions — in a flash — I’ve captured a memory.

With that being said, I’m looking forward to meeting and Picturing you!

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