Birthdays and Legacy

Celebrating our Living Stories

Recently we celebrated my mother-n-law’s 83rd birthday. What an incredible legacy of strength and perseverance.

About four years ago my Mother-n-law moved to Dallas to be closer to family because she was experiencing some health issues. Shortly after moving here, she had back surgery. Thankfully, her surgery was a success. However, soon after, she had a very close encounter with death. A blood clot traveled to her lungs and by the grace and miraculous work of God, she lived!

A short time later, we celebrated her 80th birthday and good health. Praise God!

As a birthday gift, I presented her with a make-over, photography and video experience. I also recorded a conversation that she and I had and applied the voice-over to the film that I created. This film was one of the first fusion (photo+video) films that I created and now passionately offer and have titled ‘Living Stories’.

My mother-n-law Dorothy’s Living Story video is embedded below, or you may view it from the following link: 80th Birthday Celebration

These Living Stories have become the heartbeat of Picturing Art. I combine the beauty of the still portrait, an image that withstands the movement of time, together with video and audio. Memories that flow through our hearts to the rhythmic beat of life. This exemplifies my motto; Picture it and Hold it Close to Your Heart.

A few months ago, we celebrated her 83rd birthday, so I gave her another print of one of the portraits from her Living Story video.

Special Note: I’m going to be offering a very special promotion in celebration of my very own upcoming 60th birthday. Promotion social media campaign is scheduled for next week; however, it will go out first (07/06/19) to those who have subscribed to my newsletter. If you know of anyone else who might be interested (in recording their legacy), please forward this blog post to them. They will have the opportunity to sign-up for my newsletter at the end of this newsletter.

My mother-n-law Dorothy’s Living Story video is embedded above, or you may view it from the following link: 80th Birthday Celebration

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