As much as I believe in and love printed photographs, I don’t always print the pictures of my family that I take with my professional camera, and for sure I almost never print those taken with my phone. I have good intentions, but it sometimes becomes just another thing to do.

Thankfully, sometimes I do print them, because we all know what happens to digital files. Or do we know?!

The pictures that I do print
mean so much to me
as you would know
if you visited my home.

Those precious moments

as seen in the photos
are worth sharing
with everybody
who walks through my door.

Like me, I bet you've been holding your family a lot closer over these past two years. This pandemic has brought to light the inherent value of our personal stories and memories. I think it's time to bring everybody together for some special time, like only Picturing Art does it; A Family Mini Session Event.

And after the session - you get printed memories - we print them for you!!!

Registration opened a few days ago exclusively for our current clients, and spaces are filling up fast! There are a few spots left, so choose the best time for yourself right here.

You may also click the link below to apply for a reserved date and also get more product pricing information.
Let's Make Memories!

In His Light,
Donna Dunlap, Storyteller

Picture it and hold it close to your heart.

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