Arriving for my in-person viewing and ordering session, getting out of my car, I wondered who was this sweet little girl running up to me from down the street? As she got closer, I recognized that beautiful face and sweet giggle (no cheese y grin : -). It was just a little over a week ago that I’d photographed Giovanna .

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I had the pleasure of meeting her and her parents for the first time at our pre-session consultation, then again for our photo session. So you see my heart melted as she ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug as if I was Aunty Donna.

I asked Giovanna if she was excited to see her portraits and she nearly knocked me over with joy!! I loved her excitement. I was now even more excited myself for the big reveal!!

Now Giovanna’s dad let her select all the portraits that he would invest in. I have to tell you I was quite surprised that he didn’t interject one bit. He actually let her choose each and every portrait. Even the largest portrait that would be displayed over their family room fireplace.

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As a side note, mom had to work late and was not there as she had planned. I’m not so sure that mom would have sat back and remained silent. Us moms like control. Lol Also moms’ tend to go for the photos with the more rehearsed smiles. Am I right?

I often advise my parents/clients that memories of our children should be more about our child’s personality. Believe me, there can be much joy, peace and umps of personality in the non-smiley portraits. Smiles are good of course ! but we want the authentic smiles. That’s my heart and style behind how I choose to make a portrait.

The four portraits that I've displayed above are Giovanna's most favorite.; the ones she selected. Following are dad's favorite.

By the way, in case you didn't catch it above, Giovanna's most favorite; the one she chose to go above the fireplace is a portrait of herself with her eyes closed!! Imagine that!!! 🙂

So there you have it; both she and dad debunked the cheesy smile myth. So remember please don't tell your child to say cheese! ha!


One more side note, Giovanna's favorite portraits of herself (including dad's favs) happen to be my favorites also. My #1 fav is the one of her walking.

Picture it and hold it close to your heart.


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