What is often witnessed in a NICU unit … A pouring out of one’s heart.  Emptying all that we are to fill the needs of another.  Another being someone who is unable to comprehend the love that’s being poured out upon them; much less return it.  A Mother/Child relationship.

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I had the opportunity to talk with Dee Dee about her daughter’s Julia’s birth and subsequent struggle for survival. Their story is one of Julia defying all the scientific odds but triumphing through the will and power of God.

15 years ago, Dee Dee was pregnant with twins. Only 24 weeks into her pregnancy, she gave birth to two baby girls; Jaiden was 1 lb and 5 oz, and Julia was 1 lb and 3 oz. The doctors advised her not to bet on her babies’ survival. In fact, the doctors gave Julia the smaller twin, born gasping for air, only a 2% chance to live. Dee Dee made a conscious decision to respond to the circumstances with faith in God rather than the hopeless diagnosis based solely on scientific data. She lifted both babies up in prayer.

Four days later, her healthier and bigger twin daughter, Jaiden, died. Devastated, Dee Dee continued to cry out to the Lord for Julia.

After many months in the hospital, Julia was released to come home. Before her release, one of the doctors confessed to Dee Dee that he was wrong in his initial diagnosis. He said, every now and then God gives him a reality check. The doctor went on to say that Julia’s survival is miraculous. Science says she is not supposed to be here, but God said otherwise.

Dee Dee admits that staying faithful through it all was not easy. Through persistence in prayer she was strengthened. She is grateful that although God took one, he gave her another.  She is forever grateful.

It is Dee Dee’s desire to encourage other mothers who may be spending endless nights in NICU unable to hold their precious babies. She understands the heartaches, the fears and countless struggles. Her heart is to encourage them to look for those silver linings clinging to the hope that God provides.


Although God’s sovereignty defies science, it and technology exists because of God.  Countless parents, like Dee Dee, are grateful for the medical staff and treatment provided through NICU hospital units

On their website, The March of Dimes defines NICU with the following explanation:

“NICU stands for newborn intensive care unit. This is a nursery in a hospital that provides around-the-clock care to sick or premature babies. It has health care providers who have special training and to give your baby the best possible care.”

Picture it and hold it close to your heART. TM

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