God Spoke to Me

yes - God spoke to me

He put it on my heart to tell the story of adoption.

I don’t know why. I am not adopted, and I have not adopted a child. I don’t consider myself to be a writer or even a great communicator. Although, as a child I did dream about growing up to be an author. Now in my senior years that childhood dream is quite foggy. But I am not going to stop believing God due to my lack of confidence. The Holy Spirit nudges me when I do lack faith, because to be honest, sometimes my faith does waiver; sometimes more often than not.

That morning that God spoke to me is still clear as the sunrise of that beautiful morning.

I was on one of my early morning prayer drives (before $5-6 a gallon gas prices) and through my prayer, I asked God to fill the void in my heart of not having a daddy. You see, I did not grow up with a loving father and daughter relationship. Although I saw him briefly throughout my life, he was pretty much absent. A father’s love and being a daddy’s girl are foreign concepts to me.

As I prayed and poured my heart out to God, I looked up and saw the most amazing sunrise. The sun rays filled my heart with a consuming warmth that radiated through the depths of my soul. Engulfed in the warmth of God's love, He had my full attention as He spoke to my heart telling me that He’s my Daddy and that I've never been fatherless. Yes, I heard him loud and clear; God spoke to me, his daughter.

It was this morning that He put it on my heart to tell the story of adoption. I try to make it make sense by using the correlation of how through the blood of Jesus, I’ve been adopted into the Family of God. Any way, I just know that I did not set out with a 'goal' to start telling stories. I was moved by the Holy Spirit to obey God’s prompting.

Living Stories by Donna Dunlap of Picturing Art began with a series on Adoption in obedience to God. I've met some incredible people and have gotten to know friends on a deeper level through these stories. This has been such a blessing for me, and the feedback that I get from those who’ve shared their stores with me is that they too were blessed through the storytelling. I’ve expanded my storytelling to encompass many subjects since our lives are full of many wonders, but the story of adoption is still near and dear to my heart.

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As a volunteer photographer for DFPS Child Protective Services, I met a young teen boy who was about to age out of the foster system. He showed an interest in photography, and I was more than happy to share with him my love for photography. A year after meeting him, I got an opportunity to give him a private lesson via a Wednesday’s Child taping.

This event actually took place a year ago, but I’m just now sharing it. Sometimes emotions are expressed with words and sometimes our hearts just swell up and the memory of those feeling are captured best with the combination of words and picture memories. I’m grateful for the visual story that this Monday’s Child video with Braden tells. Look at God - somebody else told this story for me. It's a blessing to be a blessing. Click here to view: Monday’s Child with Braden

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