Lifestyle Creative Session - What to Wear

Following is a guide on how to select your wardrobe.  These are tips and suggestions of what to wear for your creative session.

One question that I am always asked is what do I wear for my session.  Without telling you what to wear, I prefer to guide you in your wardrobe selections.

What works for someone else may not work for you.  You are uniquely you!

Besides what I’ve illustrated below with images, make sure you get plenty of rest the night before.  You want to be well rested and full of energy with no bags under your eyes!  As well, drink plenty of water the day before for fresh hydrated skin.

Also I’d like to include the following links to some Youtube videos that are helpful in wardrobe selections for those of us with a little more blessings around the middle.  These are links to ‘Inspired by Ida’ Fashion, Beauty and Style Channel.  I happened upon her channel, and was extremely impressed with her engaging and sincere communication style; not to mention her command for authenticity in the information that she conveys.

Dressing For My Apple Shape | Jeans:  CLICK HERE

Key Tops for An Apple Shape | A Lookbook:  CLICK HERE

None-the-less, my Number 1 Tip/Suggestion is to be confident of who you are and bring it!

It’s all about creativity….

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