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The Steps You Take

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“Stories knit together the realities of the past and future, of dreamed and intended moments. They teach us how we perceive and why we wonder.”

Joan Halifax

Living Stories

Picturing Hearts

Living with Alopecia


"I was about 23 when I first started losing my hair. While I was open and honest about wearing a wig, I still wasn’t comfortable enough to go without mine. I was afraid of what other people might think. This is freeing, and I want to come out [Telling my story] saying this is me. It’s a way to encourage other women to not be ashamed."


Quinceañera Dreams

Lola's story

“We’re thankful for the 1st 15 years that have been filled with laughter, love and joy. We cannot comprehend what we’ll experience in the next 15 years, or the 15 after that, or the 15 after that. We’re lucky, we get to watch our hearts go out and conquer the world.”

“I’m no longer a little girl. I no longer have to play dress-up, because now I am a princess, and I am a queen.”





“God has been so good. All of us are still here; all of my children. When you look around at the world today, and you see so much happening - I think, I’m just blessed; spiritually blessed.”



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the premiere

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Your Living Story will be like no other. It’s your story. Your words. Your life. From your photo and video sessions, I’ll create a legacy film that will premiere as #1 amongst your family and friends. The video will be approximately three to seven minutes in length. A keepsake that you can download, and also stream online.

I’ll help you. Through a questionnaire and conversations, I’m able to artfully craft your story. All you have to do is just share your heart. We’ll discuss what story you think you want to share. Why it’s important to tell this story, and who you believe will benefit from your story. The Who, What and Why.

You can reach out to me through my online contact form, email, call or text me. We’ll talk about why you feel compelled to tell your story, or maybe you’re just curious and want to know more. Whatever your reason for contacting me, I look forward to talking with you soon.

Whenever I miss mama, I love to watch and listen to this Living Story of her Journey Home.

My mother lay quietly in the hospital bed as I held her small wrinkled hand with 80 years of stories written on every visible line etched in her leathery ebony skin. It would be the last time that I would hold her precious hand. But my memories of her and the stories she told me will live in my heart forever.

Introducing Zoom Stories

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Your story is recorded from the comfort of your home via zoom.

What People Say

About My Work

Bridgette Dawson

Donna is very personal and has a gift of getting her subject to open up and show their personality. She did this with my mom who is 93 with dementia. She captured the woman I have loved my whole life. 


Kamisha Dumas

Donna was simply amazing! She took the time to get to know what exactly I wanted before the shot. Her vision is like no other! Her professionalism is outstanding! 


Candice Eugene

Mrs. Donna with Picturing Art is AMAZING!!! She has capturing important milestones in our family for the past six years and has never disappointed us. She is and will always be the first photographer that we call.



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