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Think about mom, dad or those precious little ones. Now close your eyes and imagine the sound of their voice. Reach out as if you’re drawing them near. Now picture it and hold it close to your heart.

You can hold on to these memories visually and audibly with a Living Story by Picturing Art.

It’ll make the perfect Christmas gift (for yourself or a loved one).

World Changers

Your living story yields more power than you might imagine. Some of you have stories to tell that others may personally identify with and as a result your story will inspire, motive, and educate. You are empowering yourself and others just by sharing your story.

Family Legacy

It is a huge responsibility and act of love to pass down our stories to be appreciated and beloved from generation to generation. Your loved ones will cherish these vivid memories with the sound of your voice as your story lives on.

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My Personal Tribute to My Mother

After my mother died, I created a Living Story in her honor. Before she passed, I recorded a conversation between the two of us. She was so delighted that I asked to record our talk. I think it made her feel very appreciated and honored. At the time, I had no idea that would be our last heart to heart talk. I used a small clip from that recording as voice over in her Living Story. Her voice is still alive in my heart.

See the video and read more on my blog.

Blog Link: A Journey Home | Living Story (972) 439-5676