Orphanage dreams become a family’s adoption reality.

Misty and Brady are two incredible people individually. The fact that they are a married couple, makes them a dynamic duo!

Yes, indeed they are a great looking couple! However what’s even more beautiful is how God is working mightily through their lives; through their family. Before they were married, Misty informed Brady that she believed that she was called by God to do something incredible like run an orphanage. Brady said something to the effect of ‘oh okay sure’. Neither of them knew what that meant “really”.
In a nut shell, they ended up adopting five kids! In addition to the fab five, they have two biological children. So they didn’t end up running an orphanage but better. Not caring for children without a home, but actually they have chosen to adopt children into their family — giving them a real home. Their children range in ages from 7 through 16. Spend 30 minutes with this family, and I dare you not to experience the love and joy.

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Brady speaks very highly of his family. He talks about how his children are destined to change the world. He said several times that “they are for each other”. I see them as a link that cannot be broken. Yes, that is what I experienced when I spent time with them.

Misty told me a little about each of her children’s personality. She described her oldest son as “always looking out for the under dog. Always willing to serve”. The photos that I captured during their photo session revealed in picture what she spoke of from the heart.

Misty’s answer to my question — of what take away from our photo session experience is most important to her — was “Remembering how faithful the Lord has been in establishing our family. We forget in the day to day trying to make it happen, just how amazing our story is and how incredible our kids are”.
Speaking with them both after the photo session, they expressed to me that it was an experience beyond their dreams and were grateful for the opportunity to share their family’s story.
More of what Misty and Brady had to say:

– Me
Describe as best you can what your heart feels and believes about the gift of adoption.

– Misty
“It’s joy and sorrow and gratitude and loss all living in my heart. Do I wish their biological families could love and care for them well, yes But they couldn’t and I’m thankful we get to love on them and call them into their true self”.

– Brady
“Adoption is a calling. It’s more than empathy for the orphan but a commitment to live outside of your comfort for the sake of contributing to a pursuit of something bigger. It’s restoration and redemption. It’s setting aside and our abilities and our expectations and living in raw vulnerability. It’s terrifying and life giving at the same time. Its depending fully on God for the outcome. It’s a journey of brokenness and wholeness that begins with yes. It’s fueled by idealism and sustained in faith and hope. It’s hard and it’s fulfilling.”

Leaving their home that day my heart was full. This photo of their side porch reminds me of the warmth and comfort that I felt in their presence.

Picture it and hold it close to your heART.

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