This past summer, I had an inner longing to go home to Michigan to see my mother. August was a good month to go, because my best friend was having a surprise birthday party. Mama loved my friend too so I'd take her to the party with me. This trip home would be a wonderful heart-felt journey in my life's story.

As well, I had just introduced my new Photo Story Series as part of my Living Story Collection. A friend in my hometown reached out to me and asked me to make a trip home to Michigan as she and her family wanted to gift their 93-year-old mother with an artistic heirloom Living Story.

So, I packed up and made the journey home for several good reasons. (See video below)

While home, I decided to record a conversation that my mom and I had. I told her my desire to create a Living Story of her utilizing parts of the recording. My mother was so happy to indulge me. I think she felt special and important to be interviewed : -)

Little did I know that a few months later there would be a rapid decline in my mother’s health. In October she was diagnosed with advanced cancer. My mother’s last breath would be on an early Tuesday predawn morning this past March.

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While my mother witnessed my first breath as her first born newborn baby daughter, I witnessed her last breath on this side of heaven as she made her journey home to be with her Lord and Savior.

To honor my mother's legacy, I’d like to share with you her Living Story – ‘The Journey Home’.

Creating this artistic story began when I recorded our conversation…but the conversation continues every time I view and listen to it.

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