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Right in the midst of planning a video session to create Living Stories for a group of 16 couples -- imagine trying to coordinate the calendars of 32 people -- we encountered yet another scheduling complication. Omicron. Need I say more?

Someone made the suggestion that we record via Zoom. As I considered the prospect of pulling this off without proper lighting, professional camera lens and quality audio, my thoughts kept coming back to the purpose of the video session. The end goal. The creation of a Living Story video. The story of each couples’ love and family legacy. For each couple, this would be a Valentine gift to one another. Subsequently, a gift of legacy to their family and friends. I made my decision based on the power of storytelling. This power supersedes technical prowess. Their stories must be told.

Strong accomplished black marriages do not get the proper honor and attention as they should. The media more often slants quite despairingly toward the stereotypical stories of the absent father, and the struggling single mom. As a black woman, I fully understand the power in our true stories.

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”

Steve Jobs

There you have it; my yes. My yes to adding the utilization of the Zoom platform for Picturing Art’s Living Stories.


Your story - from your room to Zoom.

Picturing Art is adding more to our unique brand of Living Stories.

Simplistic and authentic Living Stories on the Zoom platform.


following are excerpts from a featured zStory

Family Heirloom

Proud Moments

How We Met

I created a 30 minute Zoom Story that included excerpts from all 16 couple videos.

This zStory was shown at their Valentine Boule Event. The event was held in a movie theater.

Their very own Living Story played on the big screen as the premier movie.

Has this stirred up in your heart a desire to tell your story?

I hope so. Telling your story is not just for you. Somebody needs to hear your story.

If you’re thinking your story is ordinary, consider the times that somebody else’s story suddenly woke something up in you or made you realize that you’re not alone.

Oral stories (as all stories) told within families

and culture become more powerful as they are

shared year after year. They are who we are;

our past, present and future.

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