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It's been said that everyone has a story, but that's not true. Actually, everyone has a life full of stories; many chapters; new beginnings, goodbyes and reunions. Before this year ends, our calendars display upcoming birthdays, holidays, and various events. Padded in between these dates, there are numerous ordinary days that promise an abundance of precious moments ... Time flies.


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April Wilson

Donna is the best! Her photo sessions feel like home. When you're there it’s like being a kid again. You're having fun, you're feeling positive vibes , Donna (who is gifted and talented) is giving directions for the best shoots. Donna is definitely gifted, very talented, fun and kind. She gives each person a personal gift...a digital SURPRISE! I am so Happy to know Donna and I’m thankful to God for her gift. Thank you Picturingart for all that you do♥️.

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