Zoom the online video tool for face-to-face interaction has become a part of our future and daily routine going forward. This era of lockdowns and quarantine has ushered in a new form of communication and connection. In the midst of this pandemic, we’ve gained renewed perspective on the value of connections, relationships and legacy. Our zeal to pursue relationship building is best met with the pursuit of legacy building.

The zStory Experience




Stories about friendship, love, parenting, challenges, journeys, milestones, overcoming, rebirth, achievements and accomplishments. Sad stories, happy stories, funny stories, heartwarming stories: Your Stories; your zStory.

The Zoom video session will be an informal conversation between you and me in a question-and-answer format. I’ll pose the questions for you to answer, then I’ll creatively edit your responses producing your heartfelt zStory.

You will connect with me from your own home via Zoom. I host Zoom zStory Sessions with clients nationwide. There are no national location limitations. As well, these Zoom sessions are not hindered by weather nor any physical limitations.

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Authentic Simplicity

Recording Session

No frills. Just pure authenticity.

You're sitting in your living room or at your kitchen table having a casual conversation with me via Zoom. The laughter comes easy as you recall the funny moment during the onset of labor with your first child. You can still see the deer in the headlights look on your husband's face. Something about these memories brings sweet comfort as if somebody just wrapped you in a soft warm cuddly blanket.

60sec Example Recording Clip

creative and heartwarming

During your Zoom recording session, in addition to sharing your story, you actually added another chapter to your story. What a moving experience that you’ll never forget! Now as you wait for the finished product, I’ll do the creative and artistic work of crafting your words to bring your story to life on the screen. Your Living Story … Your zStory

zStory Services & Products

The creative aspects of our zStory abounds through personalization and your unique expressions.


recording session:


• digital products
• Photoshop editing

Starting at $95

• Creative Direction
• Visuals
• Photo retouching
• Video editing

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What they're saying

Is your heart racing at the thought of telling your story?

Telling your story is not just for you. Somebody needs to hear your story.

If you’re thinking your story is ordinary, consider the times that somebody else’s story suddenly woke something up in you or made you realize that you’re not alone.

"If you don't feel it,

you won't remember it."

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Picture it and hold it close to your heart.

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