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I’m a storyteller. I help people to visually stand out with confidence through storytelling video and photography. I’m all about authentic self-expression through beautiful and powerful imagery.

I understand the reservations that you might have in allowing someone into your personal space. Photography and videography can be intimidating, I get that. I consider it a privilege to be allowed into that space. It’s my desire .... to put you at ease

allowing you to feel free to just be yourself and find your voice.

I’m honored to extend not only my artful creativity (with over 20 years of experience) but also my wisdom gained through life experiences. My life has been full of ups and downs, challenges, and accomplishments. In fact, I have a life full of stories as I’m sure you do as well. Our stories matter.

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My Approach

Stories enable us to see

through the eyes of other people.

Influencers & Brands


I’m honored to have been featured in a few online publications as well as the opportunity to partner with WFAA of Dallas local channel 8 in their feature of a young teen boy on a segment of their Wednesday’s Child program.

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What they're saying ...

Derrick & Vonisha Jackson

” … We feel like we’ve gotten to know Donna so well; she’s apart of the family almost. And that helps when you’re going to take family pictures that you have someone that you feel that comfortable taking your photos with that kind of creativity. Love the name Picturing Art, because I think it fits the idea of the way that she try’s to do your pictures. So we both couldn’t recommend her any more strongly than we do. A fantastic experience… ”

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