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Picturing Donna

A "little" about me, Donna... :) I’m a visual storyteller through photography and video. I help people who value the art of memories, and I also help small businesses who need to creatively showcase their brand. Working with folks who are busting at the seams with amazing stories to tell, but just need a little creative artistic help in expressing it.


I give you an excuse and the confidence to brag in self expression while through my creative direction I capture amazing images and footage. Through it all, this provides you with valuable memories and heart moving stories for legacy and branding purposes.


This creative genre is not something I’ve always dreamed of doing. As a young girl, I wanted to be a writer, but soon learned my thoughts and ideas are more abstract in nature. More suited for Art. The problem is – I can’t draw. Ha! Then later in my ‘empty nest’ life, I discovered the camera and digital Art! Yes! So although I didn’t grow up wanting to be a photographer/filmmaker; thankfully, I'm now embracing my gift as a visual digital artist :) I have the ability to visually tell stories that people can see and feel.


This empty nester is not sitting on her butt. Quite the contrary!! During my creative sessions, I’m full of energy and excitement. I have been known to climb trees or lie on the ground, flat on my belly, camera ready to capture you in your element! Lol For Real! :)


Some other tidbits about myself … well I’m a young grandmother who not only loves artistic photography and filming, but I love God, my family, friends and just people in general. Other things that move my heart are beautiful gardens, interior design, architecture, the smell of sweet nature, and a great big ole belly laugh!


If you love Art and captivating stories, then let me help you creatively express who you are. I would love to record your memories and help you creatively showcase your brand.


Can't wait to meet you!

What they're saying ...

” … We feel like we’ve gotten to know Donna so well; she’s apart of the family almost. And that helps when you’re going to take family pictures that you have someone that you feel that comfortable taking your photos with that kind of creativity. Love the name Picturing Art, because I think it fits the idea of the way that she try’s to do your pictures. So we both couldn’t recommend her any more strongly than we do. A fantastic experience… ”

Derrick & Vonisha Jackson

Get in Touch :)

Please provide information so that we may contact you about customizing an amazing photography and video experience for you. You may also call us directly at
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